Remodeling your home? Here’s your ultimate flooring and design checklist

Remodeling your home? Here’s your ultimate flooring and design checklist

Remodeling your home? Here’s your ultimate flooring and design checklist

When a construction company works on a job, it has a team of project managers, accountants, architects and supervisors who work together to plan the logistics of the project and make sure it’s executed correctly. When you plan your own home remodel, you have to wear all of those hats yourself. Upgrading your home’s flooring and design is a rewarding endeavor, but don’t let anyone tell you it will be simple. There’s a lot to think about, and even if you have done large remodels in the past, each project is different.

Planning for every step of the flooring and design remodel is the best way to stay on track with your timeline and your budget. As the old saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” At Ogden’s Flooring and Design, we do everything we can to help our customers plan and execute their home remodels. Even if you want to do all of the installation yourself, we are always here to answer questions or offer advice. We’ve been in the business for a long time, so we’ve seen it all. That’s why we put together this handy checklist we hope you’ll use for your next project.

1. Make a vision board, but be realistic. This can really be the most fun part of the planning process. If your city has a Showcase of Homes, take advantage of the opportunity to actually walk into newly constructed homes and get some ideas. Visit showrooms (such as ours!) and browse Pinterest and for ideas. Combine several ideas you like into something that will work for your family as well as your home’s layout. It is important to have a clear vision of what you want before getting started because changing your mind later could wreck your budget.

2. Research professionals in your area. If you’re going to hire someone to assist with your remodel, it’s important to pick the right people for the job. Do research online, read reviews and ask your family and friends for referrals. Make sure to pick someone who has experience working on the flooring and design project you’re planning so you don’t end up with someone who’s just winging it.

3. Make a budget, then add a cushion to it. Let’s face it: flooring and design remodels cost money. Even if you choose your materials wisely, there are more factors that go into a project than tiles and grout. Think about added costs for plumbing and electrical updates, warranties (if they’re not included in the cost of the materials) and unexpected hiccups that extend your timeline. The rule of thumb is to add an additional 10% to your budget.

4. Schedule and make necessary accommodations. Sometimes, a project might require you to actually leave home for a period of time. Make sure to book a hotel or make plans to stay with someone if this is the case. If any costs will be incurred as a result of staying offsite, ensure those expenses make it into the budget. For example, it might be a good idea to board pets during days when a large crew will be working in your home and creating a lot of loud noises. One word of advice though: if you do decide to stay somewhere else, make sure you’re still in town and easy to get a hold of in case questions arise.

5. Check with the authorities. Depending on your remodel, you might need to secure permits in your city, county or both. You also might need additional insurance to cover accidents that could happen as part of the flooring and design project. Make sure you do your research now so you don’t end up in a heap of trouble later on.

6. Get to work. Once you feel confident you’ve planned as best as possible, it’s time to get started! Enjoy the process, give your input and stay in control. After all: It’s your home, and you are the one who has to live with the remodel. If things aren’t going the way you envisioned, make sure to speak up before it’s too late.

7. Love your home’s new look. Once the remodel is done, kick up your feet, have a cold beverage and enjoy what you’ve helped create. Too many folks rush into the next project without really appreciating the current project on which they’ve spent so much time, energy and money. There’s always time for more work, but right now, take some time to relax!

When you’re ready to talk about starting a home improvement project of your own, come into your local Ogden’s Flooring and Design location and talk to one of our helpful experts. We’ll get you started and answer any questions you might have. Our showroom has hundreds of samples to inspire you, and we always have fantastic specials and offers. See you soon!

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