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Deep Pile vs Low Pile Carpet | Ogden's Flooring & Design

Deep Pile vs Low Pile Carpet

Carpet continues to dominate the flooring market in the United States. It is warm and inviting and can serve as the unifying design element in your house. If you are in the market for a new carpet, consider what kind of carpet matches your lifestyle and needs. Are you looking for comfort or functionality?  …

Living room flooring | Ogden's Flooring & Design

What Is Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) Flooring?

Vinyl is a synthetic material that combines ethylene and chlorine to form polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It has several benefits because it can mimic natural substances and is used as a cheaper alternative. One of the alternative uses of vinyl is in flooring properties to enhance the look of your home, make your floors durable and…

Beautiful view | Ogden's Flooring & Design

What Is a Floating Floor?

What Is a Floating Floor? Floating floors create a solid layer of flooring that rests on top of, but does not directly connect to, the underlying flooring, subflooring, or slab foundation. This makes the flooring installation much more straightforward than other types, such as tile or wood, while creating a chic, high-quality look. Floating floors…

Modern interior of light gray hardwood floors in a Utah home | Ogden's Flooring & Design

Become A Utah Flooring Installer: Career Requirements & Info

Become A Utah Flooring Installer: Career Requirements & Info Ogden’s Flooring & Design is looking for competent and enthusiastic flooring installers to join our team in Utah. The floor installer’s job description entails measuring, cutting, and laying various flooring materials to our client’s preferences and specifications. Other duties include preparing the floor surfaces, transporting flooring…

Best Flooring for Seniors | Ogden's Flooring & Design

Best Flooring for Seniors

There are many things to consider when choosing which type of flooring is right for you or your family, and today we’re going to focus on which options are ideal for the beloved elders in our community. Whether you’re building the home you plan on retiring in, remodeling your current space, adding a mother-in-law’s apartment…

2022 interior design emerging trends | Ogden's Flooring & Design

2022 Interior Design Trends – What’s IN? What’s OUT?

It’s that time again! New and emerging interior design trends are beginning to take form as the world’s greatest creative minds come together to analyze and shape the great patterns of societal preference. We’re here to present you what’s in, what’s out, and offer our expertise on weaving all of this into your home’s design—including…

Carpet Fitter Installing Carpet | Ogden's Flooring & Design

Installers Needed! Start A Career With Ogden’s Flooring & Design

Ogden’s Flooring & Design Needs Installers! We have been well-known in the Ogden, UT, area for over 45 years. We are the flooring installers people in the area know and trust to get the job done right. Find out why Ogden’s Flooring & Design is Utah’s choice for carpet and flooring. Our quality products and…

Best Flooring Options for Cat Owners | Ogden's Flooring & Design

Best Flooring Options for Cat Owners

We’re back with part two of our informational series about flooring options for pet owners (check out our post especially for dog owners). This month is all about the greatest internet sensation of all—cats! From claws to kitty litter, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the best flooring as a cat…

Best Flooring Options for Dog Owners | Ogden's Flooring & Design

Best Flooring Options for Dog Owners

Whether you’ve been a dog owner for decades, or participated in the pandemic puppy rush, it’s important to keep in mind the impact pet ownership has on your floors! Fortunately, we love furry friends of all shapes and sizes and have a variety of flooring options that are up to the challenge of clickity clack…