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How to Care For Hardwood Floors

Your Manufacturer Knows Best

Whenever you develop a cleaning routine, be sure to reference your hardwood product’s warranty information for specific care requirements as recommended by the manufacturer.

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Routine Hardwood Cleaning

  • When spills occur, use a clean, damp cloth to blot them up.
  • Tougher spots caused by oil, paint, markers, makeup, ink, smoke, etc. can be tackled with acetone or nail polish remover on a clean cloth. Wipe any residue using another clean cloth dampened with water.
  • Tough solid spills such as candle wax or chewing gum can be hardened with ice before being gently scraped away with a plastic scraper. Take care not to scratch your floor’s surface.
  • Sweep, dust or vacuum regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt that can scratch or dull the finish of your floor. If vacuuming, use your machine’s hard floor attachment and disable the beater bar if applicable.

Things to Avoid

  • You should avoid the use of oil-based cleaners, wax, polish, ammonia, steel wool, scouring powder, buffing machines or other abrasives.
  • Also avoid the use of water or liquid cleaning solutions of any kind, as these can cause wood to swell, warp or separate, voiding your warranty.
  • Take care not to drop sharp or pointed objects on your hardwood floors, and don’t walk on them wearing stiletto heels, cleats or golf shoes.
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Preventative Maintenance

  • A good-quality protective mat at all entrances will help you collect the dirt and other debris that would otherwise be tracked in on the bottoms of shoes. You can also encourage family & guests to remove their shoes at the door.
  • All furniture legs should have floor protectors placed on the bottom, and great care should be taken when moving these items.
  • Maintain the relative humidity level of your home to minimize the expansion & contraction of your wood floors. When you’re running your heaters, a humidifier can help prevent shrinkage. During the wet season, a dehumidifier can prevent excess moisture from inclement weather.
  • Keep your pets’ nails trimmed to prevent scratches.
  • Periodically rearrange your furniture & rugs to allow your floors to age evenly & receive even exposure to UV sunlight.


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