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Laminate Flooring Installation

Everyone wants a problem-free installation, and proper preparation is the best way to ensure it. Our team of skilled installation professionals has prepared the following checklist of things to do before your laminate flooring installer arrives.

Qualified Laminate Flooring Installers

We recommend using our team of skilled installation professionals when installing your new flooring. Our experts will make sure your laminate looks perfect from day one.

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Preparation is Essential Before Laminate Installation

  • Our installers will likely need to remove your existing flooring. To minimize dust during this process, vacuum your old floors before they’re removed and vacuum the floor thoroughly afterward.
  • Decide who will move your furniture, whether it be your responsibility or that of our team. Be sure to remove all fragile items from the room and don’t leave anything hanging on windows or walls.
  • In general, we’ll recommend that your laminate floors run parallel to windows or, in narrow rooms, to the longest wall.

During & After Laminate Flooring Installation

Here’s the procedure our experienced installation professionals will follow:

  • Consider your current floors – laminate can be installed directly over some types of flooring, but others may need to be removed first. Your installers will know what to expect when they arrive and will level out the surface so it’s smooth.
  • We’ll conduct moisture testing in the subfloor to prevent potential buckling or cupping down the line.
  • We’ll then cut and place your planks or tiles, leaving a perimeter gap to allow for potential expansion.
  • If you have an irregularly-shaped room, rest assured that our team will know how to handle all of your odd or tight spaces, including cabinetry or kitchen islands.

Your flooring specialist will consult with you directly about any additional actions we may recommend before the installation of your new laminate floors. After installation prepare to stay off of it for several hours to allow it to settle.

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