Home decor and interior design trends are always changing and evolving. It should be no surprise that flooring trends follow suit! And, with over 45 years of flooring experience as a family-owned Utah business, it’s safe to say we’ve seen it all. We’re hopeful that the 2021 flooring trends do not include the orange shag carpets and geometric linoleum of the past. Instead, we’re looking for natural textures, neutral colors and products that stand up to your family’s demands. Keep reading for our 2021 flooring trends! 

  1. Natural Textures

We expect to see a lot of wood, marble and stone this year. This could be in the natural products themselves, or in those that give the wood-look or stone-look. Many of our life-proof flooring options can give you the look you want, without the worry of damage due to moisture (think hardwood floors in a bathroom) or maintenance in high-traffic areas. We’re already seeing an increase in the popularity of the wide plank, textured LVP options.

  1. Neutral and Cool Tones

Taking a cue from the Sherwin Williams Color of the Year, earthy, bold colors will be incorporated into home decor and design trends in the coming year. Balance these bold colors with neutral flooring options, including carpet. By choosing neutral options, you’ll be able to easily update your decor without the investment of new flooring. Incorporate the texture we mentioned above with a subtle pattern or color variation.

  1. Intentional Spaces

Among the many lessons we learned in 2020, it’s time to appreciate our homes, and to make sure that the space is working for you and your family’s needs. The formal dining room you once had may be better used as a remote-learning room, extra playroom, or a secluded office for yourself. That goes for the flooring too! Swap your hard-surfaced dining space for a comfortable, carpeted playroom. Or try adding rugs to change both the decor, and the function or comfort level. 

  1. Unique Accents

In contrast to the overall neutral flooring, put your own personal touch into your floors! That could be in a stair runner, a decorative border in your tile, or a unique layout (we love a herringbone look). Personalize your space while adding some visual impact. We’re seeing more and more options come to market with unique colors or designs!

If your 2021 goals include new flooring, refreshing your space or learning to love your home, we’d love to help you find the perfect materials to complete your vision!