Become A Utah Flooring Installer: Career Requirements & Info

Ogden’s Flooring & Design is looking for competent and enthusiastic flooring installers to join our team in Utah. The floor installer’s job description entails measuring, cutting, and laying various flooring materials to our client’s preferences and specifications.

Other duties include preparing the floor surfaces, transporting flooring materials and tools, and adding solvents and epoxies when necessary. Our company works with small and large residential, commercial, and institutional clients.

We encourage candidates with experience and enthusiasm to learn more about the following flooring contractor jobs and apply:

●Hardwood floors
●Luxury vinyl floors
●Tile floors
●Laminate floors
Flooring Installer Job Requirements
●Ability to install different types of flooring materials
●Prior floor installer job experience
●Ability to layout flooring projects before installation
●Good measurement and arithmetic skills
●Have an eye for detail
●Ability to work under minimal supervision
●Strong and physically fit
●Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
●Ability to coordinate work with service teams such as plumbers, electricians, and carpenters
●Ability to use various flooring tools and equipment
Flooring Installer Duties and Responsibilities
●Assess work sites to determine possible issues and make recommendations
●Meet with clients to discuss the most appropriate flooring solutions
●Estimate material and labor costs
●Demolition and removal of existing flooring material if applicable
●Prepare floor surface by removing old hardware like nails and screws
●Level the floor substrate
●Draft the layout of flooring projects before flooring material installation
●Install different types of flooring materials: wood, tiles, laminate, vinyl, carpet, or other appropriate material according to client specification.
●Ensure that the flooring materials are level and correctly positioned
●Apply appropriate finishes like finishing flooring, (e.g, grout tile floors)
●Coordinate works with other installers to ensure safe and efficient use of materials and time
●Advise clients on suitable flooring care and maintenance
●Housekeeping: clean work sites of all material remains and tools
●Inspect finished work alongside clients to ensure customer satisfaction and adherence to work standards
Benefits of Joining the Floor Installation Team at Ogden’s Flooring
At Ogden’s Flooring, we provide our floor installers with several benefits and opportunities to further their careers. Besides a job, there are so many advantages to joining our team:

1. Career Training
You do not have to know everything about flooring installation to apply to us. We provide extensive training to our flooring technicians to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to offer the best flooring services.

2. Longevity
Our company has served Utah for over 45 years. Being a long-standing, family-owned business, we know how much people matter. With that in mind, we like to assure our flooring technicians of theirjob security when they come to work with us.

3. Family-Oriented Culture
We treat our employees as family and encourage our flooring technicians to deliver quality services. It’s what’s made us such a great place to work in Utah.

4. Stability
We maintain a culture and values that have made us a staple in Utah. Our employees know what to expect in career progression and can plan confidently.

5. A Supportive Workplace
Our company is committed to the welfare of our staff. Our employees support each other in offering the best flooring services to Ogden, Utah residents. We have a strong support structure for our flooring technicians.

6. We Value Our Staff
We strive to take care of our staff and deliver quality services to our clients. Our staff is our most prized asset, and we prioritize job satisfaction and overall well-being.

7. We Reward Employees Commitment
Employee commitment and efforts to go the extra mile never go unnoticed. We generously reward diligent and hardworking employees.

How to Start a Flooring Installer Career at Ogden’s Flooring
Ogden’s Flooring is always hiring flooring installers. Our team of experienced managers is ready to guide you on your path to a fulfilling career. Check out our website to learn more and decide if we are a good fit. Explore career possibilities with us and get application guidelines. Contact us with any questions and concerns about the application process.