Explore the new trends in flooring for 2021. Read on to learn about:

  • Hardwood or Tile Flooring: Find out this year’s most popular colors, textures, styles, and patterns for an updated show-worthy home.
  • Laminate or Vinyl Floors: With new technologies available, this is an excellent choice for a cost-effective flooring solution with an upscale appearance.
  • Carpeting: Tried and true, this option is unlikely to go out of fashion. For optimal performance and comfort, you can’t go wrong with carpeting.

New flooring is a popular and cost-efficient way to give your home in Utah an updated look. The flooring trends of 2021 are realistic options that reflect the individuality of the people living in the house. Check out the latest trends for floors to give your rooms new life.

Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors are always a stylish option for your interiors. This year, you will see hardwood flooring trends lean toward natural, earthy styles.

Medium Tones

The trend of light, white oak flooring moves toward a slightly darker wood for 2021 floors. Boards in mid-range shades are versatile and work for a variety of design styles. Entirely white kitchens and rooms are on the way out this year. People are instead trying to create a balance of colors in their homes. Mid-tone wood flooring trends pair well with dark or colorful cabinets, furniture, and art. This trend focuses on wood stains that you can achieve using organic products, keeping in line with a natural aesthetic.

Wire Brushed Floors

Wire brushing floors etches a subtle texture into the wood grain for a more modern distressed look. It has vintage appeal in a fresh way. Hardwood flooring finished this way adds texture and interest with the bonus of hiding everyday scratches, scuffs, or dirt.

Rustic and Farmhouse Looks

This decor style is on the rise as people move toward a simpler, more natural look for their homes. Wide planks are all the rage, and some people are combining different width planks for a more rustic feel. Whitewashed flooring or gray tones are popular, often with visible knots or graining.

Vinyl Flooring Options

Vinyl planks are one of the popular 2021 flooring trends, providing an affordable, durable, and stylish option for modern home flooring in Utah. This flooring is suitable for both residential and commercial buildings. With various design and color options, you can find the right one for your interior decor. This material comes in many textures, styles, and colors, offering an affordable way to get the look of hardwood floor trends. Vinyl flooring has many benefits, including:

  • Durability due to its multilayer design
  • Ease of installation
  • Waterproof plank options
  • Various length and widths for both small and large rooms
  • Provides the appearance of luxury without the price

Laminate for 2021 Floors

With new advances in technology, manufacturers can now make laminate for many interior styles. This option is still affordable but now offers many unique advantages. With laminate, you can get a waterproof floor that has the look of hardwood floors. You can also purchase a stain-proof option, which is fantastic if you have children or pets. This option stays beautiful without constant upkeep.

Laminate can achieve a realistic texture with a distressed, rustic, reclaimed, or natural wood appearance. Or opt for a gray or whitewashed finish for light and bright spaces. Wide plank floors are a huge trend this year, as well as chevron or herringbone patterns. All of these are available in laminate material for an affordable, low-maintenance floor.

Tile Floors

Tile is one of the flooring trends that offers a variety of options for your interior design needs. With many available material types, colors, and styles, tile is an attractive decor possibility for any home.

Terracotta Tile Flooring

Terracotta is an aesthetic for 2021 floors that is an excellent option for mudrooms, entryways, and kitchens. This beautiful tile adds a European feel to any room. The subtle luxury of this tile upgrades your space with ease. Today’s interior decors center on natural elements and colors, making this ideal for your renovation project.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

Tiles constructed from these materials are ideal for your house’s high-traffic areas, especially if moisture is often present. You can choose from seemingly endless colors, textures, patterns, and sizes to create the look you desire for any room. This flooring type can even look like stone or wood if you choose, making it fitting for a durable floor with low maintenance needs.

Warmer Tones

In line with the nature decor style, tile floors in warm, calming tones are trending this year. These creamy shades provide comfort and relaxation in your home with earthy hues. Look for the return of tan, mushroom, and beige palettes.

Graphic Tiles

You may want to choose a graphic tile for your new floors if you have an adventurous style. Manufacturers can replicate patterns, art, and images on tiles. There are many options, including bold, colorful designs, writings, or more subtle, monochromatic tones.


Rectangular subway tile is a favorite for interior design, but you will also see tiles in bold, geometric shapes this year. These tiles create a high-impact look for a modern floor. Depending on your unique style, you may choose a foundation that makes a statement in your home.

Concrete Floors

A floor made of concrete was previously considered cold and unappealing. However, thanks to new materials and applications, concrete flooring is now desirable for homes. A clean concrete floor with a low-sheen polish makes it look more upscale than your garage floor. You can also choose to stain your concrete to tie it into the rest of your decor.


Carpets will always be popular for specific rooms in your house. With so many colors, styles, and comfort options, it offers something to fit everyone’s needs. Carpeting is comfortable and requires little maintenance, making it excellent long-lasting flooring. It works with any design style and looks great for many years.


This looped carpet type is durable and soft, making it ideal for commercial buildings. However, you will see it in homes for a long-lasting solution to areas with heavy traffic or pets. It is an attractive and practical option for your Utah home.

Cut and Loop

This technique for making carpeting creates interesting textures and patterns for your flooring. This carpet type is a popular option for your home project, with patterns emerging as one of the top options this year.

Shag Carpet

Also known as frieze, this carpet has twisted fibers. New versions of this carpet type have elevated this outdated fashion for a fresh, new look.

Floor Buying at Ogden’s Flooring

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The 2021 flooring trends have a lot going on, giving you myriad options for new and trendy flooring that matches your style. With so many material types, patterns, and colors to choose from, you are sure to find an option that elevates your home’s look.