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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors never go out of style because their beauty is timeless. Hardwood can make a warm, inviting, distinctive statement thanks to the great range of natural variations available. Choose from boards with extreme character, graining and color variation, or those with even, consistent colors to design a beautiful floor that’s unique to your tastes.

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Choosing a Hardwood Style

Hardwood floors are a beautiful choice that can last a lifetime. Colors range from quite light to intensely dark, with options across the spectrum in between. Natural variations in the grain of the wood can influence its personality, with more dramatic grains lending a rustic feeling, moderate grains looking more traditional, and minimal graining suggesting a sleeker contemporary look.

Hardwood is likely one of the most expensive flooring covering options, but it comes with a great payout. After the initial investment, your floors will look great for hundreds of years with proper maintenance and care.

Change your look. One of the biggest benefits of quality hardwood flooring, is that it can be repaired and refinished. Rather than purchasing a new carpet to change the look of your space, hardwood floors can be changed through sanding and staining.

Keep it clean. Hardwood floors are typically sealed, making it easy to clean up dust, germs or other debris.

Sustainability. Compared to other floor coverings, hardwood flooring uses less resources in production, and it can also be recycled. Hardwoods are also typically treated with less chemicals than other materials, keeping unwanted toxins out of your home.

Solid VS Engineered Hardwood Floors

There are two main types of hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood planks each consist of a single thick piece of wood. Engineered wood is produced using several layers of wood, stacked & bonded together. Each type has its benefits depending on the following factors.

Location in the Home

Where will you new hardwood floor be installed. Engineered wood floors can be installed at any grade, meaning on, above or below ground floors. However, solid hardwood can only be installed on or above grade, meaning it won’t work well in finished basements or sunken living rooms.

Indoor Moisture Level

In addition to the grade level, you should consider the moisture level of the room. Generally, you shouldn’t install solid hardwood floors in spaces like bathrooms or basements where humidity tends to be higher. Engineered hardwood offers greater moisture resistance.

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Solid and engineered wood flooring can both be installed over plywood, strand board, or other hardwood flooring. However, if you plan to install your new floor over a concrete subfloor, you must use an engineered wood product to ensure the structural integrity of your floor.


Because engineered hardwood is constructed from several thinner layers, you cannot refinish it more than once or twice at most. Solid hardwood floors, however, can be sanded & refinished over several generations of use.

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Hardwood Inspiration

Browse our gallery of hardwood styles to see how our products might look installed in your own home and find the inspiration you need to start your own home renovation with new hardwood floors.

Hardwood Care & Maintenance

There are a few simple steps you can take to protect your hardwood floor and preserve its beauty. Learn the right cleaning techniques & preventative measures from our guide.

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Hardwood Installation

Our team is here to help you through every step of selecting your new hardwood floor. We offer professional on-site measurement, removal of your old flooring, and skilled installation. Learn what to expect from your hardwood installation here.


We are dedicated to quality service that you can depend on. Learn more about our services, such as in-home measurement. 


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