“You have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” – Sam Levenson

Since we first opened our doors way back in 1974, we have strived to maintain the spirit of community as one of the main driving forces of our business. We know full well we wouldn’t still be around without the love and support of our friends, family, and loyal customers. If you’re aware of a residential or non-profit space with flooring needs, please let us know! 


When we were first approached by Uplift Mission in early December with details of the Augustine family’s situation and their plan to renovate their entire home before Christmas, unanswered questions hung in the air around us. Was a project of this speed and magnitude even possible? Would we be able to pool enough materials to donate, and volunteers together in time to play such a crucial role in the renovation, especially in the heart of the busy holiday season?

But two things were crystal clear: We were determined to try, and we were confident in the members of our team and the outside community to step in and lend additional support as soon as they heard Eli and his family’s story. At that point, we couldn’t possibly have known just how monumental, heartwarming, and life-changing this project would be for not only the Augustines, but also for every single person involved.

And so it began! While Uplift Mission dove into the initial phase of the project, we were busy at work connecting the dots behind the scenes. The first step was an on-site measure by our very own Trent Ogden, and a deep analysis of how we could best meet the flooring needs of the Augustine family.

“The flooring in the Augustine’s home was the most obvious and overwhelming problem that needed to be fixed. Their carpet had largely disintegrated down to the pad in many areas and was just being covered by other rugs or random remnants. There were also areas of flooding that were left as exposed cement. These conditions made it very difficult to maintain a clean and comfortable environment.” Explained Lexi Walbeck of Uplift Mission, adding that the kitchen’s aging, hard tiling was a constant stressor on Mrs. Augustine’s existing back issues. 

In addition to new padding and carpet for all of the bedrooms being a must, we decided to combat the challenges the hard tile presented by deciding on floating, padded LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) for the kitchen and common areas. This option’s durability, style, and waterproof nature would handle the daily foot traffic of their rambunctiously joyful family for many years to come, while still offering ample cushion to support Mrs. Augustine’s overall health and wellbeing. 

Before we had time to take a deep breath, installation days were upon us. Due to the condensed timeline, our installers were on site at the same time as cabinet and wall painters, plumbers, and electricians—at times practically working on top of each other! Still, our cheeks were sore at the end of each long day’s work from the big smiles that no one working on the project could shake.

“We had a very tight timeline and really couldn’t progress on other pressing installations until the floor was complete. Everyone was so positive and patient working on top of each other in tight spaces. The carpet and LVP were installed beautifully and in record time by such kind and happy people.” Recalls Lexi. “There was a tangible feeling of excitement and goodwill from them. They were integral to the overall success of our project.”

On day one Matt, one of our installers, quickly recognized that we were a bit over our heads and sent out a call for more hands. We can’t express enough gratitude for the many folks who stepped up to the plate on our team (as well as our friends and connections in the community) who worked late nights to keep us on schedule. Special shout outs to Josh Burt, Levere Fabrizio, Alan Vargas, and Blair at Rock Tops Utah for all of the support! 

The moment the flooring was complete, exhausted and grinning from ear to ear, our team vacated the space as quickly as we’d arrived. The glorious frenzy continued, and on Christmas Day the Augustine family set foot in their complete, newly-renovated home for the very first time. There wasn’t a dry cheek to be found. 

To learn more about Uplift Mission, the Augustine family, and all of the other incredible businesses that were involved with this great undertaking, check out the official video here. And if you’re aware of a family or non-profit in need, please check out our community page and let us know! 

“It isn’t an overstatement to say that Ogden’s Flooring made their house a home!” Concluded Lexi of Uplift Mission. “We love and appreciate the overwhelming generosity and goodness of this business. They care about the community and gave back in a very real way. This was by far the largest donation we received, making this project possible.”