Vinyl is a synthetic material that combines ethylene and chlorine to form polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It has several benefits because it can mimic natural substances and is used as a cheaper alternative. One of the alternative uses of vinyl is in flooring properties to enhance the look of your home, make your floors durable and match your home decor.
Read on to learn what luxury vinyl plank flooring is, its characteristics and why you should use it.
Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is a synthetic floor that resembles hardwood. Each vinyl plank has four layers that make it durable, easy to clean, and attractive. These layers include:
Backing Layer
The backing layer is the bottom-most part of the plank. It is made of a water-resistant vinyl material that protects your floor from molds and mildew. The coating also creates stability and is the part glued to your original base.
PVC Central Core Layer
The second layer below is PVC and acts as the central part of the plank. It is thick depending on the thickness of the LVP and provides width. However, it is not fully waterproof like the backing layer.
Decorative Layer
This part gives LVP floorings the attractiveness we all admire. It is a thin vinyl layer printed with color to mimic hardwood and create designs that match your home decor.
Wear Layer
It is the top-most part of the LVP. It is a transparent protective coating that gives your LVP flooring resilience against stains and scratches. The thickness of this layer decides the durability and the cost of the flooring. Thicker wear layers are ideal for high traffic areas and commercial property and cost more. On the other hand, thinner layers( 12mm and below) are suitable for light commercial use and residential property.
Why Use LVP Flooring
LVP flooring has gained popularity as an alternative to hardwood and tiles. Below are characteristics of the synthetic flooring that make it a good product for home improvement.
Characteristics of Hardwood
One of the reasons why many property owners prefer LVP is its resemblance to hardwood. Unlike individual tiles or large PVC flooring, LVP comes in wood-like planks that mimic hardwood’s color, design, texture, and grain pattern.
Ease of Installation
LVPs are easy to handle and install. Instead of the traditional large sheet of PVC, this flooring comes in single planks. It makes the LVP installation process easy. The repair process is also straightforward because you only remove and repair the affected piece instead of removing the whole flooring.
Water Resistance
Hardwood floorings are beautiful and classy, but they lock in moisture, turning your property into a mold and mildew haven. You won’t experience that with LVP flooring because the PVC is water-resistant. Some brands are fully waterproof too, and you don’t have to worry about frequent spills by kids or pets. Moreover, the flooring is perfect for moisture-prone areas such as the kitchen, basement, and storage room.
LVP’s four composite and hardened layers make it solid and durable. You can customize the thickness of your wear layer based on the activities in your house or the presence of jumpy kids and pets.
One of the reasons for adding extra flooring to your concrete floor is for warmth. Unlike cheap and thin PVC floors, LVP planks are thick. The thickness keeps your foot warm no matter the weather conditions.
Are you looking to upgrade your floors on a tight budget? Consider LVP flooring. LVP floors are relatively cheap compared to natural hardwood and tile flooring.
Learn More About Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
LVP flooring is an excellent way of upgrading your floor. It resembles natural hardwood, is water-resistant, durable, insulating, and relatively cheap. Ogden’s Flooring & Design is a family-owned company serving Utah and surrounding areas. Visit any of our neighborhood stores to learn more about LVP flooring and how we can help you.