So you’ve settled on granite countertops for your new kitchen renovation. Congrats! You’ve made a great choice that’s timeless, classy, functional and a great investment. Yet selecting the color of your new granite countertops is a little more complex than coming into our showroom and putting your stamp of approval on the sample to which you’re immediately drawn. If you’re not completely gutting your kitchen (and most people aren’t planning such an extensive remodel), you’ll want to consider all of the other factors in the room, including flooring, cabinets and appliances—especially the latter.

Stainless-steel appliances are sleek and modern. They’re probably the most popular and sought-out finish for appliances these days. If you’re designing a kitchen around stainless-steel appliances, you have several great options. Granite countertops are a fantastic complement to these appliances, and there are sure to come in a color that suits your style and design preference. The No. 1 option for homeowners with stainless appliances is white. White is clean, classic and perfect for a kitchen. It provides a crisp contrast to steel appliances and serves as a great backdrop for added pops of color from accessories, a backsplash or both. When you choose white countertops, you’ll immediately brighten up your kitchen and make it feel bigger and more inviting. It’s a safe color because it won’t go out of style in five years. It will last for the lifetime of the granite.

Another excellent color choice to complement your stainless steel kitchen appliances is gray. You might think gray is boring, but just wait until you see it paired with metallic appliances. The monochromatic effect is both trendy and timeless. Choose a gray that’s either lighter or darker than your appliances to add visual interest. This pairing leaves you free to incorporate vintage heirlooms or trendy conversation pieces, whatever your personal style dictates. Incorporate plants such as fresh herbs to add a little bit of unexpected color that will catch the attention of your guests and bring a smile to their face. These plants will also be a tasty addition to the meals you prepare here.

If your appliances are white, you have plenty of options. The graphic effect you get from pairing white appliances and cabinets with black granite countertops is really fun and has a retro feel. Take it a step further with pops of red and you’ll feel like you are in a simpler time. Gray looks great with white for a more modern look. If you love earth tones, you’re in luck: Granite countertops in shades of brown will make your kitchen warm and inviting. This color combination works especially well if you have hardwood flooring or wood cabinets and furniture.

If you have black appliances, you can still achieve the vintage kitchen look with white granite, or you can also choose gray granite countertops. You’ll want to make sure not to go too dark, though, or the room can start to feel closed off and cave-like very quickly. Dark granite and dark appliances work best when you have light-colored cabinets and flooring tiles, as well as sufficient natural light.

No matter the color of your appliances, granite countertops will look great in your kitchen. When you stop into Ogden’s Flooring and Design to speak to one of our countertop experts, let them know what appliances you have in your kitchen, and they’ll be more than happy to show you samples that will best complement them. You don’t have to completely replace everything in your kitchen to get a whole new look. Choose the best color palette to highlight what you already have, and make your home-improvement dollars stretch even further!