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Tile Flooring

Ceramic or porcelain tile is a popular choice for flooring, particularly in high-traffic areas or areas where moisture is present. With a wide variety of sizes, colors, textures and patterns, the options are virtually endless whether you’re looking for flooring, shower details or a kitchen backsplash.

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Why Choose Tile Flooring?

Because tile comes in a large selection of color, design, patterns, shapes, and sizes, you can create a look that is uniquely yours. Tile flooring can mimic the look of stone and natural materials, or it can also have a woodgrain look. If you’ve considered hard wood flooring in a kitchen, but don’t want to worry about damage or the higher price tag, tile can be the perfect choice.

Tile is a versatile, withstanding choice to uniquely personalize your space. We recommend working with a professional to ensure that this quality product in installed correctly for maximum durability.

Make a statement. Bold patterns and contrasting colors make a statement, and you can find these in tile products. Whether you’re looking to add some interest to your kitchen, or tie together bathroom shower design, you’re likely to find choices no matter what you’re looking for.

Durability. There’s a reason that you’ll find tile in most hotel bathrooms. Not only is it durable and ready to withstand everyday use, but it also is water resistant. By maintaining your grout, and sealing regularly, your floors will look great no matter what you throw their way.

Easily Clean Up Spills. If you have pets or children in your home, tile is a great choice when it comes to cleaning. Most spills can be easily wiped up, or dust and debris can be swept away quickly. Tile can also withstand some of the stronger cleaning products to lift out set in stains.

The Benefits of Tile

Tile has so much to offer. Learn more about this beautiful, practical surface and the advantages it has over other floors.

Installation Versatility

Add interest to your floor by installing your tile in special patterns that offer endless variety, such as alternating colors or a mix of sizes and shapes n repeated or random patterns.

Moisture Resistance

Tile is a great choice for rooms that see a lot of wear or moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens. It’s also easy to clean with a wet mop and dry towel.

Flooring | Ogden's Flooring & Design

Design Options

You’ll find tile in any color or shape you can imagine. Ceramic tile can be glazed or kept natural to allow its earthy tones to show through, while stone tile is as varied as the material itself.


Tile has a long history as one of the most durable flooring materials available. This beautiful, practical surface can resist most stains and scratches.

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Tile Inspiration

Browse our gallery of tile styles to see how our products might look installed in your own home and find the inspiration you need to start your own home renovation with new tile floors.

Tile Care & Maintenance

Ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile are some of the longest-lasting flooring materials, but they still require consistent basic care and maintenance to ensure that they remain beautiful for many years.

Glee chevron tile flooring | Ogden's Flooring & Design
Glee chevron tile flooring | Ogden's Flooring & Design

Tile Installation

Our team is here to help you through every step of selecting your new tile floor. We offer professional on-site measurement, removal of your old flooring, and skilled installation. Learn what to expect from your tile flooring installation here.


We are dedicated to quality service that you can depend on. Learn more about our services, such as in-home measurement. 


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