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Stylish and strong. All for a great value.

It's quicker and easier for our customers to visit a neighborhood store to see, feel, and test the options out in person. Stop spending hours searching for flooring that might not be the right fit or price.

Ceramic tile can be a less expensive flooring option to consider. Ceramic tile is versatile and can be used in nearly any type of space! If you are looking to put flooring in a very high traffic area, ceramic tile is an excellent choice. Ceramic tile is easy to take care of in the day to day, but ceramic tile flooring usually needs to be resealed about once a year.

Payment Options

12 months Interest Free (oac) when you visit any Steve Ogden's Flooring & Design.

We know that many families put off home improvements, even when they are necessary.

Steve Ogden’s Flooring and Design offers financing to help you make your home design dreams come true. Our financing option allows you to begin those carpet replacement, new flooring installation or countertops and sink upgrades sooner rather than later. We do our best to make your flooring and home design purchase easy.